Greenhouses are frames or inflated Structures covered with a transparent/translucent material in which, crops can be grown under controlled or partially controlled environment.. Checkout more

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Leveraging vast experience in the industry B.R. Agro net has consolidated itself among the top names of the industry with its impeccable product range. We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of agro shed nets.

Driven by the conviction, initiative and dynamism, we have oriented all our efforts to deliver qualitative, durable and easy maintenance products for multiferous use. We specialize in delivering the product in accordance to the customer requirements and with a strong infrastructure equipped with the latest technologies, we constantly try to upgrade and innovate our products. Within a short span of our establishment, we have been able to win and retain the confidence of our customers, spread all over the world. In future we intend to further expand ourselves and add more names to our clientele.

We truly believe that customer is the king. Hence, all our products and services are directed to achieve 100% customer satisfaction and our obligations don't end with the sale of our products. In order to establish long term commercial relationships with our customers, we provide excellent after-sales services, while maintaining a comprehensive back-up of spares & services.

Profile Of Raju Singh


M.Sc. Horticulture, from the College of Agriculture, Mahatma Phute Agricultural University, Pune in First Class and Overall percentage of 75% marks.

Crops Handled

Rose, Gerbera, Carnation, Anthurium, Capsicum, Tomato, other vegetables ,Paddy, Mango, Grapes, Cashew and fruit trees.


Recipient of College Merit Scholarships during all four years of Collegiate Education.
An active participant of National Social Service at College. Comprehensive knowledge and work experience in all aspects of Agronomy of Horticulture and Agricultural crops beginning with site Selection, soil preparation, sowing / transplanting, pathogen / insect And disease control, irrigation, fertigation, post-harvest management, Grading-paeking and shipping to domestic and export markets.

Work Experience

(1) Floriculture officer at ESSAR Agrotech Ltd.,Lonavala for four year.
(2) Greenhouse Manager at Golden Rose Agro Farms Ltd.,Tefki, Ethiopea [Africa], S.Doing consultancy for High-Tech Horticulture Projects, that includes- Erection of green houses, Tunnel houses, Shed houses, Media preparation, Fumigation, Bed preparation, Ranting, Inter culturing operations, Fertigation, Spraying schedule, Harvesting, Post harvest technology fill marketing.

Project Done

(1) As Consultant for Joshi Agrotech Pvt. Ltd;, Pune.
(2) As Consultant for Efforts Trading Pvt. Ltd., Pune.
(3) As Consultant for Kadvekar Agrofarms sus, Pune.
(4) As Consultant for Mokashi Agrofarms sus Pune


Intensive training at M/s. Moerheim Roses and Trading by. Ouderfcerk, The Netherlands for three months in all respects of Greenhouse Cultivation of roses, its agronomy, pathology, entomology, harvesting, Grading, packing and presentation.



Shade nets are used to protect the plants from excess sunlight and to provide the required quantity of sunlight, which will stimulate the optimum plant growth. Shade nets are available in different shade factors of 35%, 50%, 75% and 90%. They are available in a range of colours like white, black, and green. Shade nets have been used in nurseries, greenhouses, terrace gardens etc. Plastic nets are also used for protection of crops against damage from birds, insects, hails etc.



Between the farm and consumer around 40% of produce is wasted during collection, transportation and retailing. Thus, packaging is the most important aspect of any agri activity.


  • Ease of handling in on-farm usage.
  • Hygienic and safe - collection, storage and transportation of fruits and vegetables.
  • Offers excellent visibility in retail outlets.
  • Helps conserve forest resources.


Around 70% water is lost between the storage and usage points. The lining of canals, ponds & reservoirs helps in reduction of seepage losses. Polyethylene film lining alone or in combination with conventional lining materials has proved to be an effective seepage proof method in canals, ponds and reservoirs. Such ponds can be used for irrigation, fisheries, livestock as well as domestic purposes.


  • Prevents seepage losses.
  • Provides water for critical irrigation.
  • Overcome drinking water scarcity.
  • Checks salinity migration.
  • Non-contamination of brackish water.


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